Logo use / Attribution / Licences

Here at Bigbox Crypto we take using the logos of cryptocurrencies seriously. As crypto enthusiasts ourselves we hope that in the process of selling crypto merchandise we are helping to promote the cryptocurrencies by raising awareness.

If you feel we are using a logo for a blockchain that you represent incorrectly then please contact us and at your request we will immediately cease to promote and sell any items bearing the logo or word mark. You can contact us at hello@bigboxcrypto.com

All of the logos used on our products are either in the public domain, have a creative commons licence or we have been given permission to use the logo.

Please read below for the individual details of each logo used in our products:


Attribution – The Etherium logo is the property of the Etherium foundation.
Bigbox Crypto is in no way associated with the Etherium Foundation and the Etherium Foundation does not endorse Bigbox Crypto or our products.
The logo/s used in this product has been used in terms with the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Licence.
No changes have been made to the logo.